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Daniel is the composer of the fresh BrothersBe jazz ensemble that constists of Hungarian and Polish jazz musicians. The band released its debut album in 2023 entitled Mój Dom. 
The soundtrack of Roleplay on spotify. Electronic music mainly except for the opening sequence.
Daniel is a member of the Namyuol-Cho Quartet that had a successful tour in South-Korea in 2012 and in 2018. One concert of the tour has taken place at the Headquarter the South-Korean TV channel, EBS. In this video the quartet is performing Daniel's composition, Odds.
Daniel is a funding member of Nasip Kısmet, a Budapest based band that plays Turkish music. Daniel's interest in Turkish music (both traditional and current pop) dates back to his Amsterdam years when he joined the band of the Dutch-Turkish singer, Karsu Dönmez. They toured numerous times all over Turkey. 
​Daniel is the mastermind behind the Amsterdam based nu-metal band SayNo. The video for I Wanna Be a Rockstar was shot in Daniel's secondary school in Budapest. 
Daniel is the bandleader of the world-music trio called Rast Trio. The other members are from Israel and Turkey. The members attempt to bring their own musical heritage and culture together through folksongs from their countries and own compositions.

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