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The Club of Ugly Children
dir. by Jonathan Elbers (NFTA)

A film based on a book about a dictator called Isimo who wants to clean the Dutch society by eliminating all the ugly children from the country. However, one of these ugly kids, Paul escapes from the deadly "excursion", sticks up to Isimo and wins eventually. 

In this final sequence of the film we witness Paul's overwhelming victory over Isimo.

The Thread (Fonál)
dir. by Árpád Görögh
A short psycho-thriller on a love murder and the aftermath.  
dir. by Jonathan Elbers (NFTA)

​This short film tells the story of Rudolphi, a magician who has just been set aside in the circus where he used to be the one and only. In his desperation he first attempts to get back the public's attention from the new favorite, Cor, a totally ordinary pig.

And things develope in a way that you would not expect ...​
Van de Wereld
dir. by Joppe van Huilzen (NFTA)

This award-winning fiction film tells a story about a policeman who being disgusted by all the violence that he encounters around himself finally escapes from his life hoping to find peace and bumps into a bunch of weird people who live isolated in a forest.

However, the violence finds him again... 

dir. by Joppe van Huilzen (NFTA)

A short film about a man who, in order to get back his love descends into a club called Inferno representing all human sins. However, after being beaten up but also singing a tristful love-song to his love, he also gets stuck at that hellish place.  

dir. by Árpád Görögh
A film on an actor who in short of talent joins forces with the evil to go forward in his career.
Vrijwilligerswerk: de weg naar een baan
dir. by Miklós Ambrózy

A documentary on the European Union's initiative to support voluntary work.


Incovenient Comfort
dir. by Ádám Fillenz
A film on an aged woman that manages to overcome her innermost fears and worries of her monotonous life. 
Where did this come from? The Film Academy!  
dir. by Jonathan Elbers (NFTA)

​A commercial made by NFTA (Dutch Film and Television Academy) students for advertising the NFTA.
LG beamer commercial
dir. by Jonathan Elbers


Budapest commercial


dir. by David Boudestein (NFTA)


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