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Dániel Mester


Despite education, experiences or achievements, a new project is always a start from scratch raising questions about every possible aspect of the music. That is where the  thrill is. And if all this is accompanied by a team of creative minds, then I feel that I am at the right place.

"Working with Daniel Mester as my arranger has been an eye and ear-opener to my own music. He understands very well what a scene needs, and understands perfectly what I ask of him. Still, he manages to actually add something of his own which I value a lot.."
​                               -    Jasper Boeke  - composer of Het gordijnpaleis van Ollie Hartmoed; A'dam - E.V.A; Holland Welvaren; &me.      
"Daniel's works show great control and versatility on all levels. Being equally at ease with the jazz and symphonic idiom, both his compositions and arrangements show complete awareness of what is relevant in today's orchestral music. His affinity with drama and his gift to encompass this in music make him a natural film composer."
                       - Jurre Haanstra  - composer of among others Claim; Crusade in Jeans; De Kleine Blonde Dood; head of the film-music department of the Conservatory
of Amsterdam
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